Buono vacanza Iperclub - SALDCUT SERVICE di Marco Ventrella

The Holiday Voucher valid for 4 adults + 1 child from 3 to 12 years, allows you to stay for free in the Residence / Hotel formula in the weeks marked by the green or light green color in the Iperclub catalog and to access special discounts in other periods.

The voucher includes:
- free stay in an apartment with a kitchenette in the "green" periods
- free stay in an apartment with a kitchenette + registration fee and insurance in the "light green" periods.

It does not include:
- travel, board, on-site consumption ( Info on the site
- registration fee and insurance in all periods (except "light green") at a cost of € 45 per person per week, children under 3 years excluded.

With a minimum purchase of only € 700.00 from the saldcut service catalog on "manual welding" and "Automatic" products (with the exception of technical assistance services), you are entitled to an Iperclub holiday voucher with booking expiration by 18/04/2018

For more information or to calculate the estimate, visit the website choose the location and structure, contact us by telephone at +390143896502 communicating your choice and we will let you know in a short time all the details on vacation.

According to the Art. 11 of Presidential Decree n.430 / 2001 declares that the events in question are "Premium Operations" called "Iperclub Holiday Voucher - SALDCUT SERVICE by Marco Ventrella", whose duration ends upon expiry of the validity of the promotion, and provide for prizes such as established by the regulations deposited at the registered office. Copy of the regulations can be acquired by making a written request with registered mail to the SALDCUT SERVICE Department. The promotion cannot be combined with other ongoing promotions (unless otherwise indicated) and the minimum order indicated on the individual gifts is to be understood as net of any discounts and VAT.

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+39 0143.896502

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